A UI/UX case study 🗃️

This was a personal project as part of a cohort-based design program called 10K designers.
The task was to design an ‘Edutainment’ platform for a given niche (business, arts, finance, etc). The word Edutainment comes from a combination of the words Education and Entertainment.

Specifically, we had to design a…

A way to verify the account owner before sending Crypto


Sending Crypto can be a daunting experience, given the irreversible nature of the transaction. Add to that the 42 digit ETH address, which also varies depending on the exchange you’re using or the network you are on (ETH Mainnet, BSC, etc.)

This is an issue a lot of my friends…

We primarily experience the world in a visual format. We see things around us and they come in all shapes and sizes. We also have visual experiences in different mediums; we could read text in a book, or see a piece of art (picture), or watch a video.

Is it…

Frustrated by the time it takes to book a cab 😵

I’ve recently moved to a new city and jeez, it literally takes me 20+ mins EVERY DAY to book an Uber. Yesterday it took ~40 mins and all hell broke loose!
I just wanted something, anything, any kind of ride, but JUST PICK ME UP 😫

The phone screen reflecting my face!

I usually book an…

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”- Jean-Jacques Rousseau


When designing for V/A/MR, you have to ask yourself the basics- What are your business objectives? Why are you creating this experience? and how is it going to make life better for anyone? …

It’s coming

It can be argued that the most widely use case for VR today is gaming. For obvious reasons, gamers want full immersion to enjoy what they do! It’s no wonder we see hardcore gamers set up their places with several monitors and high-tech sound systems. With VR, it’s another level…

Okay, this lesson covers how to design a story flow and wireframe 3D interactions in AR, VR, and MR. It mainly focuses on VR, and has lots of parallels from the movie industry. Let’s dive in!

Story flow

When designing for immersive experiences, it is important to figure out what the experience…

In this post, we learn how to design UIs in 3D, along with reflecting on the UX of the experience. To begin with, let’s look at how to plan your immersive experience.

HEART framework:

The HEART framework by Google

The HEART framework for design was introduced by Google and is encouraged as a reference point for designing…

This is part of the VR course where I aim to learn VR while sharing my experiences with you as I move along. It is also a way for me to understand better myself what I’ve learned as well as a chance for you to learn. …

Hello all,

A few months ago I started to learn UI/UX design for mobile as I wanted to be really close to the product that I build. Previously, I had run a startup that did not do as well as expected.

Breaking into UX was intimidating at first, but with…


Keen interest in technology, design, philosophy, and psychology. Why are we here? And where are we headed?

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